Is it the Time of the Uprising?

Cuban National Anthem

By: José Luis García Paneque.

It has been seven months since I have become a part of the exile, of the 25 percent of the Cuban people we find today in the diaspora, dispersed across the world, full of longing for the land of our birth, where many of us are prevented from returning. The life of an exile is sad, there are many nostalgic days, but nothing justifies the despair, the improvisations that cost so much damage and suffering for the Cuban family. Every initiative, and I think many of them are valid, must pass through the consensus of those who struggle today in very disadvantageous conditions from inside, because we are all pursuing the same end, to make changes to have a pluralistic ad participatory Democracy, above all one that includes everyone on the Island.

It’s a shame that people don’t want to understand that each people is a history, with its own culture and idiosyncrasies, we do not pretend that we are the same as others. Dictatorships are all bad, each trying to be more efficient and precise in its cruel and repressive methods. It’s true that our people have demonstrated courage since ancient times, the Indians, the Mambises, generations from before our Republic and continuing to the present time. But never has a people been subjected to so much disinformation and the worst manipulation, for more than 52 years they have misled us with a culture of entrenched fear in generation of Cubans who have been subjected to stagnation, which it is not possible to break overnight. From the Island we get clear signs that something is moving, we interpret it, put our minds around it, wear ourselves out in useless quarrels, what we need is ideas, initiatives targeted to the current circumstances, which requires us to bread the silent information monopoly of the regime that prevents us from putting forward our proposals and the experience acquired in our journeys through the democratic world.

Each event has its moment and its history later, especially at the beginning, now when we are all affected, it is time for the protagonists of today to close ranks if what we really want to achieve, at so much cost to our suffering people, a country, “With all and for the good of all,” of which, and there is no doubt that we are part of where we were born, in “The most beautiful land human eyes have every seen.” We offer more support and continue clearing the path of others who offered their lives at the beginning, we bring information from outside, we have no other alternative.


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