One Must be Spineless to say This

Granma Newspaper; could not be any more bland and superficial.

By: Jose Luis Garcia Paneque

It is truly shameful what some “reporters” of official thought are writing.

It turns out that after 52 years of a totalitarian regime they have realized the Cuban people are the most uninformed and, without any modesty, now come and tell us about “The Right to Information”.

It seems that the journalist Anneris Ivette Leyva has “discovered the lukewarm water”.  Offering systematic, truthful, and diverse information which would inform of reality from are possible complex angles does not constitute a favor, but a right of the people.

There is absolutely no doubt.  The rhetoric does not change “in the pens at the service of official thought”.  Who are they trying to fool?  Of course, information is not private property.  Everyone knows this.  But much less should it be at the mercy of an ideological monopoly or government party.

To complain this far along into it that the media, which is completely owned by the government of Cuba, only publishes boring, superficial, and improvised material does not have any form of justification considering it has been the official party line of the regime.

The only thing we can agree on is that “as long as these letters do not reflect themselves on daily life, and that the just role of the press is not respected (which, in the same measure should increase its professional responsibility), access to information for the people will continue traveling down the agonizing wrong path”.  But that will not be possible as long as the current rulers continue in power.


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