One of my Dreams Has Come True

By Pablo Pacheco Avila

When my only son was born, I dreamed that he would be a baseball player.  Ever since he was very young, Jimmy liked baseball and he did not miss a single occasion for any adult to throw him a ball.  He batted with style, something very impressive for his age.

Everything was going good, little Jimmy was showing signs of being a good athlete.  He had the drive and talent.

On one afternoon of March 2003, I was taking an afternoon nap with my son who was only 4 years old at the time, when a Cuban political police official, accompanied by a large police operation, knocked on the door of my house.

That day, they shattered my dream and the dream of an innocent child.  Hate, intolerance, and the obsession with power of Fidel Castro took me away from my family for more than 7 years.  However, we still did not give up and we continued onward.

Against all odds, my wife Oleivys knew how to confront the situation and fueled my hope and desire of having my son become a baseball player.

This past weekend, Oleivys, Jimmy and I went to the inauguration of the baseball championship of Miami Lakes.  Our son, now an adolescent, is among the ranks of The Giants team.

Seeing the teams come out filled me with an indescribable feeling.  I was emotional, proud, and happy, but most of all, my dream had come true.  It is possible that my son may end up wanting to be a baseball player and it’s really what I desire the most, but my greatest satisfaction is that he lives in a free country where only he can decide his own limit.

Today, I can proudly say that despite all the missteps we have suffered and of all the efforts of the Cuban dictatorship to try and ruin our lives, they were not successful.  We can walk through thorny paths or even over sharp blades, but if we never give up, we will make it.  And that’s what is important.


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